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How to Speak French Like a Native.

Do not expect to be fluent in French by just learning the grammar rules as well as the vocabulary. Ensure you are good at pronouncing the letters too. Unless the language learning was started when you were merely a child, it is likely that your dream of speaking like a native will never come to pass. Nonetheless, as an adult, you can be able to get a decent French accent. There are ways to get to that without driving yourself crazy. Make sure you have mastered of every letter is pronounced. Some of the letters will require you to combine several sounds and when these letters are paired with others, the final sound might be totally different. English does not have many accents and many native English speakers might pass the french accents for mere decoration. Nonetheless, you should take them as clues because they help you know how to pronounce the word correctly.

Get a French dictionary and get used to the phonetic alphabet. To get the meaning of words, you need a dictionary which is why you should invest in a decent one. You should have the knowledge of at least ten thousand French words so that your speaking and reading skills can be near what the natives know. Do not buy a pocket dictionary and get comfortable because there is no way you can find all the words in French there. After you have an idea of how the letters should be pronounced, it is time for you to practice. Once you get used to pronouncing the words, it will be easy for you to hold a conversation in the language. You should listen to French natives speak as often as you can in order to learn the musicality of the language.

Do not stop at listening to the words as they are spoken but also repeat them as you hear them. When you are repeating what you have heard over and over again, you develop your pronunciation skills. It is also wide to record your audios so that you can listen to them later and realize where you went wrong. Pronounce words with many syllables loudly as well as those which have tricky letters combined. In regard to the first language, you will find that some of the French sounds and letters give you a hard time to pronounce. Even though you do not have native French speakers to listen to, if you learn how to pronounce the word correctly the first time, your accent will be just fine. You can learn grammar through reading but it is not the same with pronunciation. Get at least one friend who is willing to chip in when you are practicing your reading and speaking skills.

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