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Tips for Figuring Out Whether You Have Fleas

In some parts of the world, temperatures tend to fall below 35 degrees where both pets and household tend to get a break from fleas. The moment temperatures start rising; you will note the movement of fleas which will only increase with time. By the time the temperatures hit 35?C and above and the humidity is about 70 percent, one tends to note an increase in fleas. In that case, one would need to figure out vet products that would salvage him or her from these active insects. Bearing in mind that fleas easily hide in fur, jump on passing people, animals or even hide in places you would not imagine, you would need to make sure that you find a way of making sure that they do not end up harassing you together with your pets. Where one does not identify the right product to deal with the fleas, he or she tends to expose himself or herself to severe itching and inflammation which also tend to happen to the animals as well.

By the time you start seeing fleas in your home, you would need to note that you are under a severe infestation. You may be lucky to see the fleas from the dog’s body or observe restlessness and scratching in you are an observant person. You may also note instances where your dog shakes its ears another possibility that your dog is suffering fleas bites. You may also have a hard time noting fleas where you do not take time with your pets as they tend to be very tiny and flat bellied something that makes them almost invisible. The moment fleas suck blood, they tend to look lighter in color.

For easier inspection, you would need to lay the dog on its back and observe its belly, its groin as well as its armpits where fleas find enough warmth. You would also note that an infested pet will spend most of its time scratching. In that case, there are chances that one will not dirt, blood, redness, as well as scratching. In a case where the pet is infested, the groin area may appear bumpy and the skin red and hence need to take action. You would also notice instances where the pet in question is losing fir especially due to excessive scratching. At this stage, you would need to figure out the best flea remedy and then spray not only the pets but also investigate all the areas where the fleas may be hiding. Once you are sure that there are no fleas, you would need to move on to making that the dog is healthy by ensuring products such as the best dental chews.

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